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How Our Enrollment Process Works

At Christ Lutheran Preschool, we prioritize the enrollment of currently-enrolled families, siblings, Christ Lutheran Church members and families returning to the preschool. Registration is then opened to families on the waiting list. After all classes are full, families remaining on the waiting list will be enrolled in the next available spot or in the following school year.

Along with your registration application, each family must pay the $125 non-refundable registration fee which covers insurance, registration costs, and program materials. Secondly, a security deposit of $250 is due by April 1st and will be applied to your final monthly tuition payment. Tuition is payable on the first day of the month and subject to a $15 late fee applied the next business day. There will be no adjustments for vacations, illness or holidays. Please consider your days carefully and be sure you do not over-book.

There is a $125 fee for any program changes after the registration date. If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child before the end of the year, we require one month's written notice. There is a change-of-program fee of $150 September-February, and will be increased to $250 change-of-program fee March- June. These policies help us to keep costs low, maintain our tight budget and run a smooth program. All required paperwork must be completed and on file before your child may attend our preschool.

Tuition Costs

Our non-profit program relies entirely on tuition for operating expenses. Enrollment is given for an entire school year and tuition is divided into ten equal monthly payments. If it becomes necessary to withdraw your child before the end of the year, we require one month's written notice. You will be assessed a $150 change of program fee. All tuition and fees are payable in the preschool office. Checks are payable to Christ Lutheran Preschool. Unless prior payment arrangements were made, tuition is due on the first day of the month and is subject to a late fee charge of $15.

If you are enrolling your child as a half-day student, occasional early morning arrival is available for $4. Late pick up for students is also available until 12:45pm for an additional $4. If your child is staying late, please send a lunch box. When available, you may arrange for you half-day students to spend the afternoon in daycare for $35. Overtime charges are applicable for students picked up after program hours.

Fees and Enrollment

Non-Refundable Registration Fee: $125 per family per year

2-year-old program (Monday and Friday only)

Two Half Days: $395 Two Full Days: $600

Half Day Program: 9am-12pm

  • Two Half Days: $320
  • Three Half Days: $475
  • Four Half Days: $650
  • Five Half Days: $745

Full Day Program: 7am-6pm

  • Two Full Days: $520
  • Three Full Days: $695
  • Four Full Days: $835
  • Five Full Days: $975

Parent Tot Tuition

  • $40 registration fee. Monday or Tuesday: $25 per visit

Summer camp is available July and August for enrolled students.

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